#CareConvos was a twitter conversation held on the first Monday of every month @Convos4Care


It brought together care experienced people (CEP) of any age, along with professionals who work with CEP or who have an interest in their welfare in open discussion. Now that the YPN network has come to a close the #CareConvos handle will be repurposed, and will continue to seek to serve the CEP community. 


How #CareConvos has worked previously

The space very much privileges the care experienced voice, it's our space, but we welcome anyone (especially professionals who work with or advocate for CEP) who wants to learn more about the diversity of the care experience. Some people just 'listen' and others contribute - it's totally up to you how you interact with the discussion.

We ask four questions throughout the hour and conversations happen on threads in response to those questions. Sometimes we ask our own questions but often we co-host, so if you have some questions you want to put to an open forum of CEP and professionals get in touch! It's really easy-going and we'll help you develop your questions, walk you through the process and support you on the night.


You can find links to our past discussions below.

We took over CareConvos from the wonderful team who originally set it up, after attending for a while and co-hosting. You can find out about how CareConvos began here: