The Care Experienced Young People’s Network (YPN) is a small group of care experienced (CEP) young people, who worked together for two years on their own research projects, podcasts and a campaign.

A care experienced project lead supported the care experienced young people to develop and realise their ideas from March 2020 - November 2021, following recruitment and set-up earlier in 2020.

The YPN's time together has drawn to a close now but you can still reach us by contacting the project lead (details on the contact page) or reaching out to us on twitter (@careexp_ypn). Our research reports and resources are here and our podcast series is here

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Meet the network members

Hello! I’m Elle (pseudonym) and I’m 20 years old. I am excited to be part of the Young People’s Network and

have joined to

make real

change for


everywhere with

my particular

interests being

the importance

of good housing

and education.

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My name's is Ashleigh and I am a care leaver. I’m am passionate about sports, animals and exploring arts and creativity. I

love reading and learning about new subjects and topics

of interest. I hope

that we can continue

to change and

develop the care

system to be an

amazing support

network for care

experienced young



My name is Casey Armstrong, I am a 21 year old care leaver studying space engineering. I also work as an advocate for care

experienced people.

After witnessing the

many failings of the

care system, I’m

super passionate

about changing it so

that future

generations never

have to experience

what we did. 


Hey, my name is Liam. I am really passionate about learning about the different experiences of care experienced people and how each individual has had a different experience. I think it is these

individual stories that

make our voice so

powerful! i have a

personal interest in

politics and am

intrigued as to how

the care system

affects politics and the


between the care

system and politics.


I’m Lucy, a 21 year old singer-songwriter and freelance composer from Derbyshire. I feel that my role as an LGBTQ+ artist, a care experienced person, and as a person who lives with mental illness, is to help voice the stories of incredibly resilient people. I hope to encourage care-leavers

and LGBTQ+ people

alike, to know this: you

deserve to feel

represented, you deserve

systemic change, and

most of all belongingness

- and none of this should

ever have to come at

your expense. 


Hi, I’m Mary (pseudonym), I am 25 years old, care experienced and live in London. I am really passionate on care leavers issues and I believe by speaking out and sharing my experiences I can help others as well as helping


I think what I’m

trying to say is best

said in this quote

“But he who dares

not grasp the thorn,

should never crave

the rose”  

Anne Brontë.


Hi my names Sam and I am interested in making sure young peoples voices are heard.I want to be able to make the care sector recognise issues that are faced with young people

during their time in the

care sector. I am

interested in

researching and finding

out facts that may

represent peoples



Hi, I'm Diana, currently at university with the ambition to become a Doctor.


I enjoy playing a few

instruments in my own

time and joined the

network to share

my experiences

alongside other CEP


Hi I’m Susie ‘Nickname Pobby’


I aspire to inspire! 


I have a passion for

young voices in the

system to be heard!


How is this work funded?

The Young People’s Network was funded by Esmee Fairbairn – a large independent grant maker that has a specific funding stream for voluntary sector organisations that support young people leaving care.

As part of this funding stream, grantees take part in a Learning Programme to share good practice and challenges from across the sector. Renaisi host the programme.

What is the relationship between the Young People’s Network and the grantees funded by Esmee?


The Young People’s Network sat alongside the Learning Programme as a grant funded project and all the young people on the network were recruited from organisations funded by Esmee on the Leaving Care Funding Stream.